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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of online tuition?

There are three main benefits. Firstly, online tutoring means students have access to a much wider range of tutors, so there's a much better chance of finding a good match for the student and subject. Secondly, online tutorials on Bramble create great revision resources. After every session students are emailed a pdf containing all the notes from the session along with a link to watch the session back at any time for revision. Finally, online tutoring is very flexible so students can easily fit in more sessions if needed with an exam or deadline looming.

Why use Bramble for online tutoring?

Bramble was designed for tutoring online. It let's you talk, sketch and share resources in real-time so it feels like you're in the same room. It's fast and simple and everything is captured for revision and reporting. It's also always getting better. We handle all our design and development work in house so we are constantly improving Bramble, meaning any feedback you give will have real impact.

What browsers work with Bramble?

We only support Google Chrome. In order to give you the best teaching/learning experience we use cutting edge web technologies which are only available in Chrome. You can download it here if you need to: https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/index.html

What devices work with Bramble?

We reccommend using laptops/desktops as the primary device for Bramble because you can talk, sketch and share resources. Android devices work well too: you can talk and sketch. On iOS you can only sketch because Apple don't support webRTC (which we use for voice). If you have access to an iPad or similar, it will make for a great secondary device. It's much easier to draw with a tablet than a mouse!

How do students join a session?

Easy! Their tutor will send them a link to the tutor's room. The students click that link and they're ready to go

Do I need to use Skype?

No! Bramble has voice and webcams so there's no need to be running Skype at the same time. In fact, Skype can often interfere so it's best to make sure you've closed it before trying to access Bramble.

How can I make drawing easier?

Drawing is great if you have a touchscreen computer/laptop or tablet but less good if you're confined to a mouse. You could buy a graphics pen tablet to make drawing easier on your computer/laptop. We recommend: Wacom Intuos Draw

Can I see webcams on Bramble?

Yes, clicking the icon in the middle of the dock will bring up the info panel. At the top of the info panels is a toggle between webcam and notebook mode. We have chosen to seperate the modes to focus attention, maximise screenspace and reduce bandwidth requirements.

Why can't I hear the other user?

Firstly, check your speakers are on and working: try playing a youtube video or similar. If you're still having problems there might be an issue with Chrome. This can usually be resolved by typing chrome://restart into the address bar and hitting enter.

Why can't the other user hear me?

Firstly, check your microphone is working here: https://test.webrtc.org/. Make sure you don't have Skype running and then try restarting Chrome by typing chrome://restart into the address bar and hitting enter.