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Bramble and screensharing

At Bramble, we believe that a shared notebook offers a superior learning experience compared to a shared screen.

Shared Notebook > Shared Screen

Bramble was designed for teaching. Web conferencing tools were designed for meeting. This difference is apparent in our approach to recording and search but also in our approach to sharing content. We don’t support screenshare in the traditional sense. We try to encourage users to share content in to the notebook so that they’re able to work on it together, rather than the student sitting there passively watching the tutor's screen.

Here are some of the advantages that a shared notebook has over screensharing:

  1. Student and tutor are able to work interactively in the notebook.
  2. Screensharing uses a lot of bandwidth, slowing your connection.
  3. Screensharing is often laggy and pixellated, making it difficult for the other user to follow. Shared notebooks are fast and crystal clear.
  4. With screensharing, you often have to switch between viewing the student's screen and the tutor's screen and back and forth, which can disrupt the lesson.
  5. Screensharing risks exposing sensitive information. The other user can see everything on your screen so you have to be careful about what you have open and any private messages or emails you might receive whilst you're sharing your screen.

A screenshare taken from a webinar about Bramble.

The same page viewed in Bramble's shared notebook.