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Group sessions on Bramble

Whilst primarily designed for 1-1 sessions, you can run small group sessions.

Small Group Sessions

We designed Bramble for highly interactive 1-1 sessions. However, it can be used in small groups of up to 4 users. The key consideration is that group sessions require a better internet connection as more bandwidth is used to transmit voice between users. You should ask people to test their connection before trying a group session.

Large Groups

In light of current school closures, we are exploring a broadcast mode which would enable a single educator to teach 15-30 students at the same time. This won't be a chaotic conference call with 30 people on it but more akin to teaching on a whiteboard whilst talking through concepts. If are able to find a solution, it should be much simpler and more bandwidth efficient than repurposing a web conferencing tool. If you’d like to be kept up to date with that, please email