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How to improve your connection

Here are some tips on how you can improve your internet connection if you're experiencing connection problems.

Why your connection matters

The quality of your internet connection affects your experience on Bramble in a number of different ways: from making a voice or video connection with the other user to how long it takes you to upload resources or export the notebook.

The quality of the voice connection you get on Bramble, or any other voice-over-internet service, is determined by latency. Latency is how long it takes for data to get from one user to the other. With voice, latency greater than 200ms leads to a noticeable degradation of quality. You can measure your latency, along with a number of other connection metrics using our Are You Ready test.

Following the steps below should help to improve your results.

Ways to improve your connection
  1. Wired connections are more reliable than wireless. If you're on WiFi, try instead plugging directly in to your router with an ethernet cable to improve the connection.
  2. If you can't plug in to your router, try moving closer to it. The strength of your WiFi signal drops off considerably across rooms.
  3. Close all other tabs in Chrome other than Bramble.
  4. Close other programs on your computer, especially other VOIP services such as Skype or Zoom which may be using your microphone or bandwidth in the background.
  5. Are other people using the same internet connection as you? This will reduce your available bandwidth, so try asking them to remain offline during your session.
  6. Don't use webcam. Webcam requires a lot more bandwidth than just using voice and the notebook. If you're struggling with your connection, don't use webcam.

How to make the most of your internet connection.