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How webcam works on Bramble

Read on to learn how to activate your webcam and why we've separated notebook mode and webcam mode.

Using Your Webcam

To enter webcam mode, first click on the camera icon. This will bring up your webcam preview. Click Use Webcam to activate webcam mode and you'll be able to see everyone in the session who has allowed access to their camera.

Webcam as a separate mode

We've taken a modal approach to webcam such that you're either looking at the webcam or the notebook. This was a design decision taken in response to the feedback we received from students and tutors who like the fact that when they are in the notebook they are completely focussed on the notebook, rather than worrying about what they're wearing or the face they pull when they're concentrating. This seemed especially true for more introverted students.

Webcam is often used at the start and end of a session to say hello and goodbye but the majority of the action takes place in the notebook. This also has the benefit of being more bandwidth efficient and producing better session recordings.

This can represent a bit of a change for a number of tutors but most see the value of this approach after their first few sessions. If you feel differently after teaching a few sessions on Bramble, then we would love to hear from you at