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Playback update — remember everything

by Will Chambers on 2nd October, 2017

Update: playback just got even smarter – learn more.

We're very excited to announce the release of Playback V2. You can have a play with it here.

Playback is a game changer for online tutoring. Rather than having to rely on the fallibility of memory, students can review any session at anytime. Rather than knowledge being playback and wasted, it compounds. Students continue to benefit from their online tutoring session long after it was delivered, ultimately delivering better outcomes than they might see offline.

Rebuilding Playback

We've long championed the value of playback but also the importance of getting it right. In the earliest days of Bramble, we used crude screen-recordings to capture sessions but soon realised using video placed severe limitations on playback. Files were large, lossy, slow to stream and even slower to watch back. So, we set out to build our own playback solution: dynamic, lossless and efficient.

We released our first version of playback earlier this year but the user experience was limited. There wasn't any means of controlling the playback, you clicked the link and the session started playing back. Now, we've added some core controls. It's possible to play and pause the video at just the right point. It's possible to jump forwards and backwards to find that point. Best of all, it's possible to control the playback speed. In our testing we've found anything in the range of 1.5-3x comprehensible. That means it's possible to review an hours session in just 20 minutes.If you want to try it for yourself, just follow this link.

Currently, tutors and students receive playback links automatically via email at the end of every session. In the future, they'll be able to log on to a web dashboard to access all of their old sessions. Playback opens up a number of existing opportunities, many of which we haven't even thought of yet. If it sparks anything in your imagination, then give me a shout at In the meantime, we can't wait to see how you get on with it.

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