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Thoughts & Updates

Bramble goes universal with full iOS support

We're excited to annouce full lesson and recording support on iOS devices.

Using Tutors' Guild Resources

Some tips on how you can get the most out of Tutors' Guild resources on Bramble.

AI powered revision with Bramble

AI Synopsis helps students to easily identify which sessions they want to revise.

Bramble is now award-winning!

We're delighted to have won the innovation award with Tutor Doctor at the BFA Awards 2018.

BFA Innovation Award nomination

Our partnership with Tutor Doctor has been nominated for a BFA Innovation Award.

Summer learning and online tutoring

Online tutoring can help combat summer learning loss without getting in the way of the summer festivities.

Resource sharing transformed

Not only can you now share resources from any device, you can also instantly access all of your previous resources.

Why is online tutoring great for tutors?

Online tutoring is creating great opportunities for tutors to teach more, teach better and teach globally.

Why is online tutoring great for students?

Technology transforms industries when it goes from making something more convenient to making it more convenient AND better.

A flying start with online tutoring

Use our new Are You Ready tool to help that vital first session get off to a flying start.

Bramble voice infrastructure goes global

You can now be confident that wherever in the world you are, your voice will always be routed via the lowest latency route.

The best drawing tablet for online tutoring

We reviewed 3 drawing tablets to see which could make the biggest difference to your drawing.

Introducing Smart Playback

One giant leap for online tutoring, harnessing the latest technology to offer something that's simply impossible offline.

Sharpening up โ€” increased resolution

We've just released an update to Bramble which doubles the resolution, meaning there's now four times as many pixels on every page.

Playback update โ€” remember everything

With our latest release, students can review any session at anytime, giving them a powerful revision tool.

When to choose online tutoring

When is online tutoring a good option? Depends how you want to use it.

Do you need a touchscreen for online tutoring?

Taking a look at our usage data to see if a touchscreen is needed for a rich online tutoring experience.

Is 93% of communication non-verbal?

To put it simply, no. Weโ€™ve heard this myth so often that it seems to have lodged itself in the collective psyche. Turns out itโ€™s nonsense.

PDF Import V2 โ€” now supercharged

Earlier this week we released an update to PDF import. It's now faster, smoother and (almost) unlimited.

Do you need an online whiteboard for online tutoring?

Online tutoring without an online whiteboard is like going to the cinema and sitting with your back to the screen: you're missing out on all the action.