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Getting the most out of live online tutoring: insights from half a million hours and thousands of users.

by Will Chambers on 7th Oct, 2020

Education was forced online during a tumultuous 2020. From schooling to tuition, live instruction became a virtual affair as lockdowns of varying severity came into effect around the world.

That dramatic change is looking more than temporary, with the winter surge of coronavirus leading to renewed restrictions and 99% of tutors planning to continue tutoring online for the next year.

  • What have students and educators made of this shift?
  • What’s proved challenging?
  • Have there been some unexpected benefits?
  • How can everyone get the most out of live online tutoring over the coming year?

This report seeks to answer those questions and many more. It synthesises data from the most comprehensive survey into online tutoring to date, featuring over 2,000 students and educators, with engagement data from over half a million hours on Bramble’s live online teaching platform.

The final part of the report goes further. By analysing the content of live lessons it explores the topics and concepts students focus on with their tutors – providing unprecedented insight into the areas students struggle with.

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Contents of the report

  1. Survey respondents
  2. Who is tutoring online?
  3. The shift online
  4. How effective is online tutoring?
  5. Which factors influence the efficacy of online tutoring?
  6. Benefits of online tutoring
  7. Challenges of online tutoring
  8. Making online tutoring more effective
  9. What subjects are students tutored in?
  10. Going beyond subjects: topics and concepts
  11. Key terms in maths and the sciences
  12. Looking forwards

Bramble is a market leader in the online tutoring industry. An award-winning online tutoring platform which has been used by over 5000 tutors and students in 100 different countries. The experience and knowledge gained from over 62,000 hours of online tuition has given us a unique insight into how people teach and learn online, and ultimately what makes the difference between a poor and a great experience tutoring online.