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Summer learning and online tutoring

by Will Chambers on 14th May, 2018

Summer learning loss is well documented. The extent of the loss is debated and variable but its existence has been confirmed by a number of studies. In 1996, a systematic review of 39 studies concluded that the loss was equivalent to one month of classroom learning. Importantly, there was greater regression in math than in reading. Clearly, the lack of continuity over the summer has a negative impact on children's formal education.

There is of course a balance to be struck. It's important for children to have time off over the summer and be given a chance to explore the world outside the classroom. Online tutoring can help strike that balance between exploration and continuity.

Offline tutoring is rarely practical during the summer months. There's little chance of the tutor and student being in the same place for the whole summer. If continuity is the name of the game, then it's important for them to be able to connect from anywhere. Whether the tutor is travelling in India or the student is away on a family vacation, online tutoring makes it possible for them to easily fit in an hour of learning every week.

Online tutoring can also happen at more flexible times throughout the summer months. It's possible to squeeze in a morning or evening session at a time that you perhaps wouldn't want to be going to someone's house but are happy to connect online. This means it's still possible to get some tutoring in without it getting in the way of enjoying the great outdoors, because that's just as important.

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