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Why is online tutoring great for tutors?

by Will Chambers on 21st December, 2017

Online tutoring is creating great opportunities for tutors and students. By removing geographic barriers and harnessing technology to deliver a better experience it's helping tutors teach more and teach better.

Teach More

Tutors love teaching. And hate travelling. With online tutoring, travel time is out. Rather than delivering one hour of tutoring in an evening and having to travel there and back, you can now deliver two or three times that in the same amount of time. This enables you to deliver more support to your students and increase your earnings, a win-win. You can also deliver sessions more flexibly, for different durations whenever required. Plus, you'll save on travel costs. It's more environmentally friendly too.

Teach Globally

Online tutoring opens up the world. You're no longer constrained to only tutoring during anti-social hours in the evening or weekends. Instead, you can use global timezones to your advantage so that you choose when you want to be tutoring. This also means you can keep tutoring when travelling, if you want to.

Teach Better

Importantly, online tutoring can also help you deliver a better service to your students. By providing them with a full record of every session, you're giving them the tools they need to get the results they want. You're also available to support them more often and more consistently. You might have to adapt your teaching style to better suit online tutoring but there's plenty of support to help you with that. Once you've made the adjustment you'll be teaching more and teaching better.

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