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Making sure no student misses out.

Since lockdown, the Coronavirus Tutoring Initiative has delivered over 10,000 hours of live tutoring to students in need using Bramble.

Students tutored

Students tutored

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The Coronavirus Tutoring Initiative (CTI) was cofounded by Oxford undergraduates Jacob Kelly, Sam Townsend and Niccolo Aylward with support from Project Access International. CTI was established due to concerns that missing out on school was putting a huge portion of disadvantaged students at risk of not performing as well in their exams.

Worse still, those students were at risk of losing their confidence and passion for subjects they enjoyed at school. CTI matches Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-level students with university students in leading institutions for tuition in up to three different courses. Tutors have emphasised that students are not only making great academic progress but are also becoming more confident through the course of their sessions.

“Bramble has been absolutely crucial to our success from the very start of CTI. We needed a great tutoring platform to support all of our students but had to be absolutely confident that our safeguarding requirements were addressed too and Bramble ticks both of those boxes with ease.”
Jacob Kelly – CTI Cofounder

Making a difference.

CTI's tutors are enjoying using Bramble and making an impact on student's education at such a critical time.

Bramble Insights

With Bramble, the live lesson is just the beginning. Not only do searchable lesson recordings provide students with a fantastic revision tool, but that same data, combined with Bramble’s AI, offers schools and organisations unprecedented insight in to what their students are struggling with.

“The insights provided by Bramble are useful as they demonstrate the huge range of subjects and topics that tutors and students signed up to CTI are covering. Far from just focusing on the core areas of English, Maths, and Science, it’s clear that students are keen to keep learning right across the board. Using the insights, our team can prioritise resources provided to tutors to ensure they are supported in teaching the topics that students are most commonly asking for help in.

It’s also interesting to note the fluctuations in topics being covered over time, perhaps linked to different schools’ progress through the syllabi in their online lessons. As students progress with their tutors, we can see topics being mentioned near the start of the tuition trailing off moving forward. This is hugely encouraging because it shows how students are improving in topics they felt less confident in.

Overall, the insights provide CTI with a greater level of clarity around what our students and tutors need in order to continue having great tutoring sessions. This helps guide our work in ensuring the students get the most out of the time spent with their tutors.”
Jacob Kelly – CTI Cofounder

Thousands of stories.

The Coronavirus Tutoring Initiative has already provided support to more than 1,800 students during their time of need. Yii-Ling shares her story of how that’s helped her confidence and learning through these difficult times.