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1,000,000 HOURS

To celebrate, we wanted to share some stories and insights. What have people’s experiences been? What topics and concepts do students struggle with? How are different subjects taught? Read on to find out…

Bramble has been amazing and very simple to use. I especially love the recording feature which allows students to use lessons during their revision and allows me to assess my personal skills as a tutor. This allows a more empathetic way of teaching - in which you and your student are constantly growing and meeting new targets. In addition to this, the synopsis provides a visual representation of the words that were mentioned in the lesson, thus a great way to check the topic discussed and again a brilliant revision tool.



What are students struggling with?

By analysing the 1,560,000,000 words spoken, the 28,800,000 sentences typed and 2,280,000 resources shared on Bramble we are able to identify the subjects and topics students spend the most time working on with tutors.

Breakdown of sessions by subject and topic
Mentions of key concepts in different subjects

Want to improve your tutoring with insights like these?

How are different subjects taught?

We can look at interaction data across subjects to get a sense of how they may be taught differently. For example, it is clear that the pen tool is used to draw far more in maths and physics sessions than English and biology.

Session Averages

πŸ‘„ 2,683 words
✏️ 513 strokes
πŸ“ƒ 45 texts
πŸ–ΌοΈ 5 resources

Session Averages

πŸ‘„ 1,991 words
✏️ 66 strokes
πŸ“ƒ 38 texts
πŸ–ΌοΈ 4 resources

Session Averages

πŸ‘„ 3,702 words
✏️ 235 strokes
πŸ“ƒ 51 texts
πŸ–ΌοΈ 5 resources

Session Averages

πŸ‘„ 3,704 words
✏️ 484 strokes
πŸ“ƒ 42 texts
πŸ–ΌοΈ 5 resources

Session Averages

πŸ‘„ 3,735 words
✏️ 514 strokes
πŸ“ƒ 31 texts
πŸ–ΌοΈ 5 resources

Session Averages

πŸ‘„ 5,397 words
✏️ 310 strokes
πŸ“ƒ 55 texts
πŸ–ΌοΈ 3 resources

Benefits and efficacy

We surveyed over 2,000 students, tutors, teachers and parents to understand their thoughts on the efficacy and benefits of tutoring online. 84% of students reported that online tutoring was more effective or as effective as the in person alternative.


value of tutoring delivered on Bramble in 2020